Public Announcements

2020 CGFOA Annual Conference will be held ONLINE

Jun. 26, 2020

A few weeks ago, we sent the membership a survey about future training and our annual conference in November. We heard back from more than 175 of you! This is a significant turnout for a survey and your responses were very helpful to the Board in making decisions about training opportunities. Thank you so much for taking the time to share your thoughts and ideas!

Survey Results

The results told us very clearly that the majority of our members across all entity types have seen their organization’s training budgets cut and/or have imposed challenging restrictions on the types of training their organizations will support. The majority of members would not be able to (or would not choose to) attend an in person conference. Alternatively, the majority would be interested in some form of online learning or conference in place of in person training.

2020 Conference Update

Based on the information in the survey, the Board has decided that the 2020 Conference will be held ONLINE. This will be a conference format with a single registration fee that will allow attendees to participate in a number of sessions over a period of several weeks, including some social events. The details will be worked out over the next few months and we'll keep the membership and sponsors informed as we go.

How we made this decision, and why

We all enjoy the social aspects of an in person conference, which made this a difficult decision. Here’s what we considered:


The financial feasibility of our conference is dependent on attendee numbers for both members and sponsors. The survey results told us clearly that the numbers wouldn’t add up this year. 

Timing of this decision

Some responses asked about timing and why the decision is being made now. By making the decision early, CGFOA will not incur any cancellation fees with our host sites in Grand Junction. Our deposits will be applied to our 2022 Conference which will be held in Grand Junction. Additionally, making this decision now allows us more time to work on creating a meaningful online experience this fall.

Here's what you need to know

Speakers/ Moderators 

The Education Committee will be reaching out to moderators and speakers over next month with information about the online schedule. Please continue working with speakers and confirm if they are interested/able to teach their session online. 


We are working on ideas for how sponsorship of an online conference may look, including opportunities for sponsors to interact with members. We will reach out next month with more information and in the meantime, we welcome your feedback and suggestions. We appreciate your support and all you do for our members!


Keep your membership active/renewed so you hear about conference updates in Footnotes and through email announcements. We will share conference registration information this fall around September, as usual.

Current training

A number of sessions are available online at very affordable rates, including a July Mini-Conference that will happen in place of our usual our Western Slope Training Day. When you sign up for all sessions, you’ll also be included in the networking lunch via Zoom. We are also working on scheduling additional sessions, including Ethics.

Register for current sessions online at


These are interesting times, and we aim to stay nimble and continue providing education and networking opportunities in this new environment. We appreciate you all staying flexible as we continue to navigate ways to keep you informed and connected.