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CGFOA Announces Slate of Nominees for 2021 Board - Vote Needed!

Oct. 7, 2020

The Colorado Government Finance Officers Association is pleased to submit a slate of 2021 nominees for your review and ratification.  

During this year of extraordinary challenges CGFOA was faced with an additional challenge in the process of recruiting for Board member nominations.  In spite of that, we are very pleased to have a prior Board member returning as the nominee for Vice President along with a current Board member who was excited about serving a second term.  In addition, we have two long-standing CGFOA members who are ready to serve as Treasurer and a Board member.  The CGFOA leadership is confident that the nominees along with the remaining Board members will serve this organization with excellence and honor. 

We also want to wish a heartfelt thank you to the three individuals leaving their service at the end of 2020.  Lore Nusser has served CGFOA as Vice President, President and Past President for the past three years.  We will miss her guidance and abilities to “think outside the box”.  Sherri Young has served as the CGFOA Treasurer for the past two years – a challenging role for which we benefited from her attention to detail, diligence, and considered recommendations, and we will miss having her on the board.  Debbie Murray also leaves her position as a board member.  She has served thoughtfully for many years and we hope she will find ways to continue to be involved.  Thank you, Lore, Sherri, and Debbie for your years of service to CGFOA. 

Below is information on each of the outstanding nominees for the 2021 Board of Directors.  Please review the information and later today you will receive a ballot form asking you to ratify the slate of officers.

Thank you! 
Catrina Asher
CGFOA 2020 Vice President

Vice President
Name:  Marlin McDaniel
Title:  Innovation Program Manager
Entity:  Jefferson County
Why are you running for the CGFOA Board:

  • As a board member, my focus will be on building organizational resilience. Over the next few years, CGFOA will be faced with continued financial and operational challenges from 1) COVID and 2) the quickly approaching retirement of our outstanding administrator, Kathy. As a board member my priority will be to 1) create and manage a succession plan, 2) evaluate internal business processes and innovate where appropriate, and 3) bring new talented and members into the fold. CGFOA is made up of the best and brightest – I want to see your efforts and awesome responsibilities as government finance officers supported by CGFOA’s service to you.

Historical involvement with CGFOA:

  • In 2020 I served as the Project Manager where I led the upgrade of our association’s management system. This upgrade modernized the way CGFOA does business and reduced CGFOA’s annual overhead costs. 
  • From 2018-2020 supported CGFOA as a Board Member. Working to create budget efficiencies was important, so as a Board Member I brought to the board a priority of using technology to streamline business processes. The upgrade of our association management system resulted in approximately $20,000 of savings per year.
  • From 2017-2019, I worked with the education committee to identify and moderate high-impact sessions for the 2017, 2018, and 2019 annual conferences


Name:  Jill Johnson, CPA, CPFO
Title:  Finance Director
Entity: Town of Lyons
Why are you running for the CGFOA Board:
I believe the association has an important role for smaller governments regarding training and networking. Small governments have all the same requirements as larger governments but have limited resources; the CGFOA programs and members are so helpful in providing knowledge. I believe the next several years will be challenging for the organization, not only from a financial standpoint with pandemic issues, but also with changes coming from GASB. I want to be a part of the organization to represent the views and needs of smaller members. 

Historical Involvement with CGFOA:
I became a member of CGFOA approximately 9 years ago when I worked for the City of Lafayette. Throughout my career in government, and several employers, I have continued to support the education of the organization. I have helped plan and organize annual education classes in addition to moderating conference courses. I am the co-chair for the technical issues committee and have worked with the committee to review and comment, on the organization’s behalf, several GASB pronouncements. I look forward to continuing to support the organization into the future.

Board Member
Name:  Theresa Fox
Title:   General Accounting Manager
Entity:  Adams County Government
Why are you running for the CGFOA Board:
As a current CGFOA member, I believe in the meaningful education, information and support our organization provides our members. Our membership is evolving as we use technology to talk, share ideas, and provide education and networking opportunities on so many different platforms. These are exciting times! That being said, I am proud to be a member and choose at this time to provide service by participating as Board Member.

Historical involvement with CGFOA:
CGFOA member for several years

Volunteer – provide assistance during summer and annual conferences (workshop monitor)

Volunteer – participated as a Panel Expert for ERP implementations

Volunteer – 2020 for Education and Budget Committees

Attend annual organizational meetings (January – Education), (Conference Board meetings)

  Brandy Zink   
Title:  Sales Tax Auditor
Entity:  Town of Parker
Why are you running for the CGFOA Board:
My experience serving on the Board these past two years has been both challenging and rewarding.  We’ve spent the greater part of 2020 learning to be flexible and creative as we discovered innovative ways to continue reaching our members amidst an ever-changing COVID-19 environment.  As a team, we have successfully navigated budgeting demands and a web platform transition.  We worked to revitalize our sponsorship opportunities to ensure that our associate members were being well served in their efforts to support CGFOA and 2020 will include the first ever 100% virtual conference.  Still, I feel as though I’m just getting started and am prepared to ride this momentum into 2021 and 2022!

Two years pass in the blink of an eye!  As a new board member, the majority of the first year is spent learning the intricacies of the organization.  Each position requires its own period of acclimation to processes and procedures, and an understanding of historical knowledge.  If elected to serve a second term, I’d not only continue my efforts to foster membership participation, but also work to create a program to aid in the transition of incoming board members.  I’m proud to be part of an organization that encourages participation at all levels by people from various governmental finance backgrounds.  By creating a positive and informative introduction to service as a board member, we can continue to fill our executive positions with fresh perspectives and energized leaders. 

Historical involvement with CGFOA:
I have been an active member of CGFOA since 2012 and have served on both the CTAC and CGFOA Education Committees.  I served as CTAC Co-chair in both 2017 and 2018 and as Director in 2019 and 2020. I’ve attended numerous board meetings, training events and the annual conference each year.  I’ve planned workshops, served as a presenter at workshops and trainings and acted as both moderator and speaker at several annual conference sessions.