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CGFOA Member Forums

Apr. 17, 2020

The launch of our new website has brought us a number of new opportunities for using technology to network and share information. Over the next several weeks, we’ll be sending emails highlighting these new features and how you, as members, can use them. This first feature will cover the new Member Forums!

What is a Forum?

A Forum is a conversation string that can involve any active member and any topic. Forums are good places to ask questions and share information, similar to how a Listserv is used.

What Forums are available?

Our website has four Forum Categories established, which include Finance Officers, CTAC, COVID-19, and Associate Resources. The purpose, use and restrictions of each Forum is described on the website. Note that not all Forums are available all members. Review Forum descriptions for information. Each Forum can contain multiple threads, which are conversations/postings from members on various topics.

How do I use Forums?

In order to see and/or comment on a Forum, you must be logged in as an active member. To do this this, go to and click “Login”. Once logged in, go to the Member Area on the left and select Member Forums. You will then see the Member Forums that are available to you.

Within each Forum Category, you can see active Forum threads and subscribe to those threads so that you are notified of new posts. While users are not able to create Forum categories, you do have the ability to create a thread within a category. For instance, you could create a thread in the COVID-19 Forum Category asking others how they are tracking emergency costs, or you could create a thread in the Finance Officers Forum Category asking for advice on implementing GASB 84.

Why should I use Forums?

Our best resource is each other,  and Forums allow us to connect on issues that we care about. The more people subscribing to Forums, the better information we’ll be able to gather from each other. We hope you visit the new webpage and explore this new feature!

If you are unable to login to the members section it means your membership is expired.   You'll need to renew (if your membership has been expired for less than 90 days) or join if your membership expired more than 90 days ago in order to access this feature!  Renew or Join today!