Adopting automation and digital payments in the face of COVID-19

Posted by Philip Perry on Jun. 22, 2020  /     0

Webinar for June 23 2020. Please see me for registration if you are interested. Thanks!

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COVID Resource Center and Assessment

Posted by Tim St. Andrew on May. 11, 2020  /     0

As you’re aware, governments at all levels are facing difficult choices around future staffing levels, capital projects, pension obligations, and more — all in the face of an uncertain revenue outlook. To help government leaders meet the coming operational and fiscal challenges, we’ve created the following COVID-19 resources that are available to share with CGFOA members. • Our COVID-19 government resource center is a collection of articles and webinars that will help municipalities understand the impact to their communities and a clearer path forward. Check it frequently for up-to-date guidance on budgeting, operational efficiency, risk management, emerging assistance programs, and more. • Our Government response assessment will help government leaders determine if their COVID-19 response and recovery plans are on track. The assessment provides the opportunity to gauge their confidence in operations, financial stability, and technology. At the end of the assessment, a rating is provided to help you understand where you’re doing well and what needs to improve. We hope you and your members find the assessment and resource center helpful. We recognize that in the absence of in-person training opportunities, members may also be interested in our CPE-eligible webinars. Members may visit to sign up to receive webinar invitations and industry-specific knowledge straight from our experts. Please let me know if you have any questions.

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Associate Resources

Posted by [email protected] on Apr. 16, 2020  /   Associate Resources  /   1

This Forum is for Associate Members and their Organizations to share resources and training opportunities available to the CGFOA membership. Posts that represent sales pitches are not allowed and will be removed.

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Posted by [email protected] on Mar. 31, 2020  /   COVID-19  /   0

This Forum is available for members to share information about their COVID-19 activities and responses, as well as resources available. All active members have access to this Forum.

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