Survey Questions

Posted by [email protected] on Sep. 30, 2020  /     0

Hey Everyone, I’m going to post these questions this via the Listserv and post it in the online member forum. Boulder is looking to propose changes to City Council and would like a benchmark from other cities regarding these questions. We would appreciate any responses given, and will be happy to share the results with the group afterwards. Thank you in advance! 1. Do you offer an exempt institution license which allows businesses to purchase goods and taxable services tax free? a. If so, do you perform a review of their charitable status? i. No – exempt status is granted if they present a: 1. State exempt license 2. Federal tax exemption letter 3. Other ii. Yes (Please describe) 2. Do you require that contractors submit a construction use tax reconciliation upon completion of a construction project? a. No b. Yes. If so, what is the final construction project cost threshold? 3. Please list the business license application fee for the following types of business licenses: a. In-city business b. Out-of-city business c. Charitable (Exempt) organization d. Special event 4. Does your code allow you to send assessment and collections notices (Notices of Determination/Assessment, Notice of Intent, Etc.) via electronic mail? a. Yes b. No

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Tax Audit Manager Position Open

Posted by Amy Hildebrandt on Sep. 25, 2020  /     0

Good morning CTAC Members, The City of Boulder currently has an exciting opportunity for a talented Tax Audit Manager. Boulder is an incredible city and an amazing place to work! From our world class restaurants to our vibrant downtown, to our miles and miles of trails, walking and bike paths – Boulder is truly a fantastic place to be. The City of Boulder is committed to equity, diversity and inclusion. We celebrate and support our differences and we believe that those differences make us better. If this sounds like something that you would like to be a part of, we would love to hear from you. Please visit our jobs page via the link below in order to learn more about this opportunity.

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