Investments 101


October 01, 2020
1:00 PM - 3:00 PM
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The world of finance is dependent upon many variables. As credit and economic cycles fluctuate, it is helpful to understand the fundamental characteristics of the various asset classes within the money market, the securities that comprise investments in a local government investment pool, and how those asset classes respond to changes in interest rates. Being familiar with the asset classes that a local government can encounter in developing strategies for the investment of public funds provides useful context for those funds’ optimal management. By attending this webinar, you can earn two CPE credits.

Session Objectives:

At the completion of this program, an attend should be able to:

  • Understand both the statutory origins of and the framework in which local government investment pools (LGIP) operate

  • Differentiate between money and capital markets and how this differentiation is relevant to managers of public funds in the context of Colorado’s Legal Investments Act

  • Comprehend the fundamental distinctions between a prime-style and government-style LGIP; specifically, how their compositions differ by asset class and the impact these differing compositions have on the portfolios’ respective yield profiles

  • Recognize and explain the characteristics of the following money market asset classes: U.S. Treasury bills, repurchase agreements, government agency securities, money market funds, commercial paper, asset-backed commercial paper, and certificates of deposit

  • Gain insight into the inner workings of an LGIP regarding the construction of a portfolio in accordance with not only relevant statutes but also the safety-liquidity-yield hierarchy foundational to all public funds investment management decision-making processes

  • Understand the size of the market in terms of average trading volumes and debt outstanding for the covered money market asset classes

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