CGFOA 2020 Virtual Conference


November 09, 2020
9:00 AM - 3:15 PM
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The 2020 CGFOA Virtual Conference will take place between November 9 and November 19.  We are offering 3 sessions per day Monday through Thursday.  No classes are offered on Fridays or Veterans Day November 11, 2020).  Conference rates are as follows:

CGFOA Members - $149.00

CGFOA Member Speakers - $124.00

Non-members - $199.00

Non-member speakers - $174.00

Speaker registering for their session only - $0.00

If you want to attend the business meeting only please do not register here.  Instead register for the Business Meeting through the stand alone Business Meeting registration.

You MUST pre-register for all sessions you plan to attend.  The price is the same for all regardless of the number of classes you register for.   The cost to attend one class for a CGFOA Member is $149.00; the cost to attend 14 classes for a CGFOA Member is $149.00, etc.  All classes are eligible for CPE based on 1 CPE credit for a one hour class and 2 CPE for a 1.75 hour class.  You must submit individual Evaluation Surveys for each class for which you want to earn CPE.


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$149.00 CGFOA Member Conference Attendee

$124.00 CGFOA Member Speaker Attendee

$199.00 Non-member Conference Attendee

$174.00 Non-member Speaker Attendee

$0.00 A001 Invoice Processing Automation Saves the World (or at least your Finance Dept)

$0.00 A002 Demystifying Risk Assessment & Assessing Risk at the Appropriate Level

$0.00 A004 The Building Blocks of an Investment Program

$0.00 B001 Market Analysis and Outlook: A look back at the unprecedented market and economic ramifications of the COVID-19 pandemic and our outlook for recovery into 2021

$0.00 B002 Rethinking Debt Issuance

$0.00 B004 Fiscal Health - How to Build Your Analysis

$0.00 C001 Trust but Verify: A look into current Cybersecurity Trends

$0.00 C002 Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Investing for Public Funds

$0.00 C004 Five Strategies for Leading during COVID

$0.00 D001 Post-Issuance Arbitrage Compliance – A Long Road Ahead!

$0.00 D002 COVID/CARES ACT Funding Update

$0.00 D004 Vendor Payment Fraud - how to avoid being a headline

$0.00 E001 GASB Update

$0.00 E003 Best Practices in Utility Rates

$0.00 F005 CGFOA Business Meeting

$0.00 F001 Lease Accounting Implementation Considerations

$0.00 F002 Auditor/Governmental Relationship

$0.00 F004 Tax Disparities and How to Address Them

$0.00 G001 Investment Advisory Panel

$0.00 G002 Key Metrics for Utilities

$0.00 G004 Thriving Through Change: Understanding Different Responses to Change

$0.00 G005 Happy Hour!

$0.00 Sponsor Attendee - Included with your sponsorship fees

$0.00 Speaker - Session Only