Colorado Tax Auditor Coalition

Events and opportunities are listed on the CGFOA Home page

2021 Chairs:  Dave Standifer and Sophia Hassman, Co-Chairs

Dave Standifer, City of Thornton, [email protected]
Sophia Hassman, City and County of Denver, [email protected]

All presentations and handouts from CTAC meetings are located on the page for the specific event.  Go to Upcoming Events - Event Information.  Scroll to the Event and link to View Details to find the handouts.  Link to Prior Events for past meetings, again, scroll to the event and click on View Details to access handouts.

Member Group Forum

The taxaud listserv has been decommissioned. We will need to transition to use the CGFOA web portal and member area to communicate with our CTAC members.  Many people are members of CGFOA, but their profile in the new system is not currently setup for the CTAC member group and forum.  This is something you need to manage yourself.

On the new CGFOA page, there is a member area, where you can manage your member profile and there is a chat forum for CTAC government members to post questions.  When the data was uploaded into the system, it didn’t capture CTAC members as their own group.  We currently only have few CTAC members in the group including myself, presently.  Therefore you all need to go into the member profiles and add yourselves to the CTAC group to get CTAC news and be able to view the CTAC chat forum.

To be listed on the directory in the member area, you also have to ensure in your profile that the fields are not checked with “Hide from above boxes” under each category applicable.

Here are the instructions on how to update your profile and add yourself to the CTAC member group.

There is an ability for all new government members (aside from Associate members) to join the CTAC member group in the member application. There is a new field on the member application that gives the option to select CTAC.

Existing members that are interested in joining the CTAC group and having access to the forum should log into their member area, and click Update My Profile.

Make sure you are part of CTAC by selecting YES in the Custom fields section.

Then scroll down to the bottom of your profile page, edit GROUPS and assign yourself to the CTAC group.  Click on FiNiSH.

After adding yourself to the group, you will have access to the Member Forum under the Member Area.  You can start a thread conversation here or respond to others.  Only active CTAC Group CGFOA government members can share information here.  It is not for Associate members. Associate members may post on the Associate Member Forum.